We must also inform you about the costs if you are adopting a dog from abroad, in our case Spain. An adoptive dog does not cost as much as a breeding dog, but we cannot avoid these costs.

The adoption costs of a dog are € 240.
This amount includes ALL costs for the statutory medical care such as deworming, flea and ticks treatment, vaccinations (rabies), blood tests for Mediterranean diseases (Leishmaniosis, Filarioses, Analplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis), castration or sterilization as well as the setting of the microchip and the issuance of the EU passport.

The transport costs

If the dog is traveling by plane, your dog needs a transport box (depending on the size of the dog it’s between 60 and 100 € or a flight bag for cabin dogs is about 40 and 60 €). Likewise, depending on the size of the flight box or in the cabin, the flight costs are between 40 and 80 €. (These prices may change depending on the airline). Please be informed that cabin dogs may only weigh up to 6 kgs including the bag. If the dogs weighs more, it unfortunately has to go into the cargo hold.

The final costs for this have to be individually adjusted because they are subject to very large fluctuations.

It’s also possible that your dog can travel to the European neighbor countries with a Trapo, a dog transport car, air-conditioned and controlled by the Veterinary Office. The price for this trip is (depending on the transport company and the size of the dog) between 135 and 160 € . In this case you don’t need a travel box or bag. You can save these costs.


The total amount determined must have been transferred to the DOMINO bank account at least 2 weeks before the dog’s departure to its destination.

You will not be charged with any additional costs.

Questionnaire for the re-homing of animals

For the benefit of the animal to be re homed, we kindly ask you to answer the following questions truthfully. Thank you very much for understanding.

Please explain breifly